How can you Sell Your Home Fast in Calgary with Kay Sharma?

Have you thought about selling your house lately? With the Real Estate business on the rise again, and with mortgage rates at amazing lows, you might want to consider this the time to list your property with a professional REALTOR®. But where do you being? How can you make your home stand out above the thousands that are listed alongside it? How will you draw people in and make that sale?


First and foremost, you need to find a REALTOR® who will put your best interest as his top priority. Don’t always go with the first REALTOR® you meet. By choosing an inexperienced or under experienced real estate agent, you stand the chance of losing a lot of money and potential buyers.Starting out with me as your REALTOR®, someone who is in the know and who will work to get you the most profit for your home, will get the process off the ground on the right foot.


Now that you have chosen me as your REALTOR®, what comes next? I will help you determine how much your home is really worth. Remember, a home is only worth what someone else will pay for it. I will find out what other homes like yours in the area have sold for. I will consider the depreciation value of your home. Does your home need repairs (which can cost you) or did it recently get a new upgrade (which can boost the selling price)? Helping you make a list of the pros and cons will help to determine a fair starting price. We don’t set it too high or you won’t gain the full interest of potential buyers, but don’t list it so low that you still come out in the red. Being an experienced REALTOR®, I will be able to help you determine a strong starting value.


Once we have it listed, what do we do? Make the house presentable for showings. Take down photographs of the family and those pictures the children drew that are on the fridge. Why? Potential buyers don’t want to see someone else’s family in the house; they want to be able to envision their family in the house. Keep rooms neat and tidy. Messy homes detract from someone wanting to take an interest because your clutter hides the clean possibilities. Do you have a lot of knick knacks? Pack them away to reduce clutter and help them see their own belongings fitting in those empty spaces. The more they can picture themselves in the home, the more chance they will make you an offer. Also, a thorough cleaning and washing of the house will make it feel brighter and potential buyers will notice the freshness of the house.


Now that the house is clean, what’s next? I will set up an open house. Allowing others to walk through your home and envision their family and friends roaming the rooms can really help boost the selling potential. It gives perspective buyers a chance to see every detail and take the time to envision the minor changes they would make to turn your home into their perfect new house. Sometimes your presence at the open house could deter people because they might feel intimidated, so take those couple of hours to go pamper yourself and let me do the work for you. If you insist on staying, be a good host and offer information and if you are able to, refreshments. Homey touches can go a long way with prospective buyers.


You finally get an offer on the house, so what is the next step? Together, we will consider their offer carefully. Are they lowballing you? Are they being unreasonable? Do they want incentives to purchase? Most importantly, don’t be afraid to haggle. We can counter offer, make changes, and work it out between Agents to come to an agreement. Don’t forget, they are probably just as anxious as you are!


Overall, selling your house shouldn’t be a nightmare you regret. Having a good, knowledgeable REALTOR® like me to guide you will help you sell your house fast! Now the only question is, what moving company should you hire?


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